Doug Turnbull – Ithaca, NY

Creator – Associate Professor, Ithaca College

April Trainor – Ithaca, NY

Project Manager & Systems Architect – Senior, Ithaca College

Kathryn Miller – Lehigh Valley, PA

Marketing and Outreach Coordinator – Senior, Ithaca College

Elizabeth Richards – Stratford, CT

Frontend Developer – Senior, Ithaca College

Griffin Homan – Marblehead MA

Frontend Developer – Junior, Ithaca College

Victoria Conrad – Natick, MA

Software Developer – Junior, Ithaca College

Cassandra Raineault – Newport, NH

Backend Developer – Junior, Ithaca College

Kieran Bentley – Napaskiak, AK

Backend Developer – Junior, Ithaca College

Paul Gagliano – Warwick, NY

Backend Developer – Junior, Ithaca College

Localify is the brainchild of Doug Turnbull at Ithaca College. It has been designed, developed, and promoted through the efforts of many talented students and colleagues over the past few years.


Emmett Barry (Backend Developer)
Sam Edelstein (Frontend Design & Developer)
Sean Blackford
(Playlist Algorithms & Software Engineer)
D’Andre Walker (Frontend Developer)
Tim Clerico (Lead Playlist Algorithm & Backend Developer)
Erich Ostendarp (Backend Developer & Operations)
Connor Shea (UI Designer, Outreach & Branding)
Jon Burger (Initial Concept and Software Engineer)
Daniel Akimchuk (Playlist Algorithms)
Nic Wands (Lead Designer & Frontend Developer)
Vera Crabtree (API, Frontend, and Backend Developer)
John Hunter (Backend Developer & Data Collection)
Lexie Thomas (Outreach & Branding)
Brontë Cook (Local Music Writer & Chief Outreach Officer)
Vianca Hurtado (Front-end Designer & Developer, UX/UI Researcher, User Testing)


Devon Jezek (Voice Actor)


Thorsten Joachims (Machine Learning Master, Cornell University)
Shane Moore (Software Architecture and Playlist Guide, NY Times)
Will Van Dyke (Digital Music Expert, Warner Music)
Brian Dozoretz (Local Music Guru, Ithaca College)
John Barr (Computer Science Master, Ithaca College)


This work is supported by NSF Grants IIS-1217485, IIS-1217686, IIS-1615679, and IIS-1615706, an educational grant from Amazon Web Services, research credits from Google Cloud Platform, and the Ithaca College H&S Summer Scholars Program.

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